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The Law Offices of Douglas G. Ingraham successfully represents individuals, families and small businesses in a wide range of immigration and nationality matters. Douglas G. Ingraham, founder and owner, is dedicated to achieving success for his immigration clients. He focuses on EB-5 Immigrant Investor, Business and Employment Visas, Permanent Residency and acquisition of U.S. Citizenship. A successful trial attorney, he has won cases in U.S. Federal Courts and California State Courts, including three published opinions in the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Law Offices of Douglas G. Ingraham helps clients realize their business goals through EB-5 investment in commercially sound opportunities. Mr. Ingraham also has expertise in Employment Immigration categories such as EB1A-Aliens with Extraordinary Abilities, EB1B-Outstanding Professors and Researchers, EB1C-Multinational Executives and Managers and NIW-National Interest Waivers. Matthew Fladell is “Of Counsel” to the Law Offices of Douglas G. Ingraham. Mr. Fladell focuses on the business transactions involved in EB-5 investments and the qualifications for employment based visas. He prepares applications, documentation, and submissions. Matthew also has an active media, communications and entertainment law practice. He is admitted to practice in the Federal Court for the Central District of California, the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal and all State of California Courts. Mr. Fladell has written numerous Court documents, including immigration appeal briefs, motions and petitions. By Appointment Only: 2001 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 400 Santa Monica CA 90403 English (310) 663-1956 Mandarin (626) 537-1734 Contact: Matthew Fladell Esq. 171 Pier Avenue #497 Santa Monica CA 90405 Email:
道格拉斯G.英格拉哈姆的律师事务所代表成功 个人,家庭和小企业在广泛的移民 和国籍等问题。 道格拉斯G.英格拉哈姆,创始人和所有者,是专门为取得成功,他的移民客户。他专注于EB-5投资移民, 企业用工签证,永久居留和收购美国公民。一个成功的出庭律师, 他已经赢得了案件的美国联邦法院和加利福尼亚州法院,包括上诉的美国第九巡回苑三期发表意见。 道格拉斯G.英格拉哈姆的律师事务所帮助客户通过EB-5投资商业机会健全实现他们的业务目标。 英格拉哈姆先生在就业移民类别,如专业知识 EB1A,外国人具有非凡的能力,EB1B,杰出的教授和研究员,EB1C,跨国公司高管和经理和NIW,国家利益豁免。 马修Fladell是“以律师”道格拉斯G.英格拉哈姆的律师事务所。 Fladell先生主要集中于EB-5投资业务交易和基于就业签证的资格。 他准备的应用程序,文档和提交。马修也有一个活跃的传媒,通信和娱乐的法律实践。 他承认,在联邦法院对加利福尼亚中央区,上诉联邦第九巡回上诉法院和加州法院的所有国家进行练习。 Fladell先生写了许多法庭文件,包括移民上诉内裤,运动和请愿。 只接受预约: 2001年威尔希尔大道,400套房 圣莫尼卡CA 90403 英语(310)663-1956 普通话(626)537-1734 联系方式: 马修Fladell彼岸。 171码头大道497# 圣莫尼卡CA 90405 电子邮件